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All I Needed Was a Little Jazz

As much as I am bombarded with all the statistics about post grad life such as the fact that one in two graduates are unemployed, I also need to forget that I can’t self blame for a system that sets up for folks like me to fail, but continue to fight it. I need to remember that I entered school for far different reasons than most expect to. It wasn’t because I wanted to make bank, but it was with the mentality for helping my community. It was also because I was down for resistance and the movement, not to lose it. I also keep in mind that there are still so many possibilities for me, and so much to look ahead of that I have not yet been hit with. 

I’m incredibly blessed so far to have an amazing set of family, supportive kasamas, and community members. Above all, I’m grateful to have lived in a life full of passion which is something that I’ve ridden for a very long time and don’t want to leave anytime soon. Tonight I watched by brother play his trombone and the other Jazz bands and I came to think about how beautiful the music was coming from love, soul, and passion. Then I thought about my own life and that’s what I want to continue to live for. All of the conversations, the music, the art, and the people that occur or that I see hold the true value of my existence. I’m telling you I was this close to submitting to no worth, but I’m thankful that this showed me different or reminded me.

I may not make millions, but I keeps it movin’: (Here’s the possibilities and/or what’s bound to happen)

+LA with fam
+keep working out and yoga
+more hiking
+reading my bookshelf and hitting up the library all across disciplines
+Master my theory and my practice
+Philippine Exposure trip 2012:)
+Hawaii with Tin to visit the University and for a semi non touristic visit (I’m trying to make that happen) 
+more cooking
+Find grad school or good teaching credential program
+Make more hip hop
+Make more poetry
+Find work
+Cook more
+More quality time with fam and friends who rarely see me
+Make art
+Try something brand new
I’m sure there’s more, but this is a good list if you ask me. 

Thoughts on my DREAM JOB and Being a Permanent Learner

I went to a teaching credential info session at Cal State East Bay and I was hella annoyed for the fact that there were hella           folks dressed up in suits just for an info session. It begs to question if folks want to be teachers or authority figures. 

I am not tryin’ to say that I’m going to be the bestestestest teacher in the whole wide world one day, but there are so many people in the field that don’t belong there whatsoever. I don’t know how you cannot appreciate an hour out of someone’s day to help mold their minds, think critically, and help make a better future utilizing their passions. It’s not even that, but give them a space to speak their emotions and engage in face to face conversation especially in a technological day and age. I know the educational system is fucked up in so many levels when it comes down to racism/white supremacy, male supremacy, and heterosexism etc., but at the very least we need fuckin’ passionate people really down to motivate students and be open to learning from them as well.

I personally learn best when it’s face to face, when I can state my opinions and be raw, when my soul, my emotions, my story, and all of my senses are fully engaged and welcomed. Lastly, when no one is there to judge but offer advice for the better,

(I have a shit more to say more to say but…….)

That’s what I look for in every space I enter even outside of a classroom.



Feb 7

When you’re lost you always have to go back to the birthplace of your passion, be with people to reignite its fire, or you have to keep getting lost to find another. Oh yeah, you don’t have to have only one.

I promise myself to do everything with love and passion, for anything built on ego and greed is destructive to oneself and to the world.

That’s why my life’s goals don’t surround “chasing paper,” but passion and love.