Isabela Nicole


I woke up this morning with a plan. The plan was to Yelp breakfast and take advantage of the free AC bus pass that comes with my school tuition. I woke up at 8am and then when back to sleep, woke up again but the comforters on top of my body were…. pretty much comfortable that I couldn’t escape its comfiness. Finally, at 11:30am I got up munched on Tabouleh salad and salmon because I was already hungry and then I walked to Bancroft and hopped on the 51B. I get really shy on buses sometimes because I always seem to fuck up by pulling too early or too far when I’m not too familiar with the route. I tend to gaze at my iPhone google maps constantly just in case. Yet, even as many times as I looked at that thing I missed my stop. Why? I was the only one on the bus and the lady was like, “where are you going to?” and stuttering I was like, “the marina.” I guess I assumed the breakfast place that I decided to go to was in the same place, but when I got there it wasn’t. Despite getting lost, I couldn’t be any more thankful that I did. I stepped out and was welcomed by a beautiful view of the bay from a position that I’ve never seen. I walked on the dock and on each side was people fishing having conversations and as I walked down the middle, I was just thinking how amazing it is to just take risks and get lost sometimes. I didn’t go all the way to the end because I promised myself that I would take my parents there or even Marvin so that when I return I would have something to look forward to and get the feel of how far the walkway really extends to. On the way back, I even found another restaurant that I want to someday sit in with family or friends. I really can’t wait to get back. It was simply, lovely.

After the marina I hopped back onto the bus and finally looked for my rightful destination. I pretty much stopped after my original spot again, but it wasn’t too far. I walked along fourth st. and I went in circles for about ten minutes because I couldn’t find the spot. I was getting incredibly hungry especially with the seafood and indian joints that I was passing by. I decided to go to the other direction of fourth street and I was hit with bougieness because of the well kept boutiques and the lack of people of color or people in in my age group. It is the opposite of Telegraph Ave. I must say. To the point where I questioned if I was really in Berkeley. Other than that, I finally reached my destination at Bette’s OceanView Diner. The reason I chose this place was because on Yelp I saw the photographs of the Strawberry Souffle Pancake and I just drooled. Even typing this part of this blog makes my mouth water because it was heavenly. I got the pancake, homefries, and eggs. Everything was delicious. Typing it just doesn’t do it justice. I really suggest you go! I’ll bring my family, partner, and friends next time here as well. After devouring the meal and having enough for to go, I walked around some more and headed back to the bus stop. When I boarded the bus I pulled a stop early from my stop again. I told you I suck at buses! Anyways, it all worked out because it led to Roxies Liquor Store. Yesterday, I was craving something sweet and fell asleep instead of getting it satisfied. Due to the fact that red is arriving I’ve been having sugar hungers. On my list was Hagen Daz ice cream so I went in to get a bar, Milano cookies, and a big bottle of water. You see, it all worked out!

I finally walked home took a long nap and went to Bollywood burnout to work it all out. It. Was. Fun. Not as much as the fun I got from my consistent workout days at the UC Sports Center, but just enough. I can’t stand the treadmill for too long because I can’t wait to get off of it. I’m more of the outdoorsy and group x type person. Hopefully by next week me and my pops will hike Mission Peak. I can’t wait! Now I’m home after the meal I started the day with and nice shower, just blogging away. Tomorrow will be interesting as I’m attending my friend Shayna’s Ethnic Studies graduation. I’m pretty excited because I hear it’s different from the rest and so I can see what I can look forward to next year. Good night beautiful people.

P.S. Don’t forget to get lost sometime:)